Bangladesh- Bosnia and Herzegovina Relations

Diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Bosnia and Herzegovina was established on 26 August 1995. Bangladesh and Bosnia & Herzegovina are still at a formative stage of expanding bilateral relations. However, both the countries closely cooperate in many international fora including the United Nations and OIC. 

Bangladesh Armed Forces in UNPROFOR

Bangladesh participated in the UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Force) that was first set up in Croatia, then extended to Bosnia & Herzegovina, when civil war broke out in the former Yugoslav countries. A total of 1,381 personnel from Bangladesh Army participated in this mission, which started in 1992 and continued till December 1995. A number of Bangladesh Police personnel (around 50) also participated in the UNPROFOR. In 1994, about 1200 Bangladeshi troops were stationed in Bihac, a predominantly Muslim enclave. The Bangladesh Force displayed indomitable courage and earned reputation for continuing in the difficult situation.

Bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bilateral trade between the two countries is very modest. Exports from Bangladesh to Bosnia and Herzegovina stand at around US$ 2.00-3.00 million per year but grwoing steadily. Bangladeshi export items, such as, apparels, household linens, ceramic ware, tea, frozen fish (shrimps), footwear and leather manufactures, handicrafts, terry towel, jute and jute products seem to have good potential for the Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Recruitment of construction workers from Bangladesh in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bangladesh Embassy in The Hague is exploring the potential of recruitment of skilled workers from Bangladesh in the construction and tourism sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Bangladesh and Bosnia & Herzegovina share remarkable similar historical experiences in their struggle and aspirations for self-determination. Both the countries also bear significant similarities in terms of views and common values on many international issues based on the foundation of peaceful coexistence and non-violence. Political as well as senior official-level visits between the two countries should take place to give impetus to the political relations between the two friendly countries. Chambers of commerce and industries and exchange of trade delegations can be very useful in promoting and further exploring trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.