Apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

Required Documents

  • 17-digit Bangladesh National ID card (NID) or 17-digit original Birth Registration C
  • Existing Bangladeshi Passport (if any).
  • Photocopy of existing Bangladeshi Passport (Page 1 – 7).
  • Two copies of passport-size photos[size: 55X45 mm].
  • If the applicant is a child (under the age of 15),  both parents’ photos [size: 30X25 mm]. [In certain cases (e.g. if parents are separated/either parent is not alive) either of the parent’s photos will be accepted]

Step 1 - Complete Application Form

Remarks: See the “Required Documents”

Step 2 - Make Appointment

  • Make an Appointment with the Consular Section of the Embassy

For appointment, Email at:

Step 3 - Visit the Embassy

  • Visit the Embassy (on the appointed date) in person for Biometry & submitting MRP Application Form

Remarks: Applicant’s physical presence is required for photograph, fingerprints & electronic signature

Step 4 - Pay the Fees

    • Payment of Fees [for new passport (regular): €100] (non-refundable)
  • Remarks:

      • Fees are to be paid electronically at the counter.
      • Fees are to be paid electronically at the counter.

Step 5 - Processing by DIP, Dhaka

  • Processing for the Passport by DIP, Dhaka.


    • The Mission transmits all Info & Documents in real time to the DIP, Dhaka. After due verification by the concerned authorities, MRP is being printed & sent to the Embassy for delivery.
    • Note: It takes an average of two months before the passport reaches the embassy for delivery. In a few instances, additional time may be required.

Step 6 - Delivery

  • Delivery of Passport
  • The Consular Section of the Embassy will contact the applicant once the passport arrives.
  • The applicant himself/herself or his/her authorized person (in that case, an authorization letter & authorized person’s ID are required) along with the previous Bangladeshi Passport(s) & delivery slip needs to come to the Embassy to collect the Passport.

Renewal/information change/lost passport/Correction of information

  • Applicant should apply manually by filling up the Reissue/correction form and submitting the same to the Embassy. A prior appointment is necessary for submitting the form. Appointment could be requested by e-mail to