K.onnect Register


November 19, 2020

Welcome to the registration page for ‘K.onnect’.

Why ‘K.onnect’?

‘K.onnect’ is a professional platform/network of Bangladeshi professionals/knowledge workers
living in the Netherlands. It aims to establish professional connects, bridge with like-minded
individuals and institutions, with special focus on knowledge sharing, innovation,
entrepreneurship and collaboration between Bangladesh and The Netherlands, and even beyond.


Please use the link below to join ‘K.onnect’ by providing your relevant professional information *. Once processed your name, profession, role, institution and area of expertise/interest will be visible on the website of Bangladesh Embassy in The Netherlands.


NB: By submitting the above linked form, the individual concur to publishing the submitted information on ‘K.onnect’ network maintained by the Embassy of Bangladesh to the Netherlands and BrainChain. Neither the Embassy nor BrainChain is responsible for the validity and the correctness of the information provided.

‘K.onnect’ registration form and collected data are managed by BrainChain in collaboration with The Embassy of Bangladesh, The Netherlands.